Into Integrity, Humility, and Righteousness — Monday Morning Inductions 2020

Monday Morning is the official student media body of the National Institute of Technology, Rourkela. It is the second-largest student media body in the country. Ever since its inception in 2006, it has been serving as a vital link between the student community and the administration by being the featured news feed for the students, professors, and alumni, about various happenings inside the college. As a design team member, I have worked in designing the posters and animation for new team induction.

The Theme Selection

Upon discussing the concept of posters and banners for induction phase publicity with the entire team, it was decided to produce the graphics in the style of the old newspaper. Since Monday Morning is a student media organization, the use of newspaper-themed posters reflected the spirit of journalism and also helped move away from the conventional similar thematic poster design that existed in college.


I surfed the internet for the proper typeface that would fit with an old-fashioned newspaper theme. Upon researching different styles, Chomsky — a gothic font was used to create a vintage look for the newspaper heading texts. Taking into account the compact size, Bebas Neue — a sans-serif font was used for subheadings. Times New Roman — a serif font was used to reflect similarities and offer a newspaper look.

Color Scheme

The designs did not adopt a rigid color scheme. It was intended to use light brown tint with a just noticeable paper texture to give the look of an old paper to create the essence of an old paper. Along with this black color was used for the text to establish the required contrast in the composition.

Ideating the Designs

I decided on the general layout of the posters and the banner after choosing the typography and the color scheme. The content placement was a difficult task but eventually, after some brainstorming, the contents were arranged in a way to create visual harmony. Images from the process of induction were used to preserve harmony.

The Designs

Finally, I brought together the creative decisions to design the posters. The designs have been well received and have provided a strong response for team induction for the 2020–21 session resulting in more than 200 + students applying for induction.

Coming Soon Poster and Inductees List Poster
Drop Down Banner


It was decided, after a discussion with the team, to produce short videos for each team of the organization. The video’s primary goal was to build a sense of accountability for what the team is doing and what the newcomers can hope to do and expand upon. I made storyboards of the flow of animations before rendering them on applications to obtain feedback and improve upon and to prevent rework. A video was also created inspired by Apples’s Don’t Blink video to announce the results of the inductions. The sound and the content were synchronized in a manner to build a sense of urgency in the viewer.

The Results

I made the animations after much ideation and discussion. The animations affected the freshers in a way that gave them a quick understanding of what happens in each of the organization’s teams and what to expect if they are inducted. In the meantime, this helped attract the interest of significant numbers of students as part of the induction process.

Content Team Induction Video
Design Team Induction Video
Technical Team Induction Video
Annual Inductions Result Declaration Video




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Rama Krushna Behera

Rama Krushna Behera

Digital Product Designer

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