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A summary of what I got to learn at MakeMyTrip over the last 6 months (Feb. 2021 — July 2021).

How’s it going?

I worked with the Make My Trip (Ingo — MMT) Team as a UX Design Intern for 6 months this year and it was awesome. The team builds the enterprise-facing product for the hotel line of business for the Goibibo and MakeMyTrip brands. …

Sad that you don’t know about web development? Find it confusing to use Webflow or WordPress to build your website? Still struggling to build your digital portfolio? Then you have landed at the perfect place!! 😉

This article is a step-by-step process to building your portfolio in Notion. There are many possible layouts for your portfolio in Notion. For this article, I made the layout as close as possible to my personal website. Feel free to explore and experiment. Want to discuss or have any queries…

A brief UX research on understanding how the older generation use WhatsApp in their everyday life

Disclaimer: This research was conducted before 4 Oct 2020. Any updates of the WhatsApp app after this date are not accounted for in the research.

👑 Overview

This was a research project as a part of the 10k Designers Masterclass to understand how older people in the family use WhatsApp. The purpose…

Women’s safety has become a matter of prime concern in the present day. There is no resource more potent for growth than women’s empowerment. I, along with some of my batchmates, as a team, took part in a design sprint organized by DesignTab — The Official Design Club of NIT…

Rama Krushna Behera

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